Swedish Railway Museum

A magnificent collection of historic and unique locomotives – a must-see. Exhibitions, café and shop.

Come and see the oldest, heaviest, quickest and most beautiful engines! In Gävle we have one of the world’s finest collections of historical railway trains.

Experience the museum through tours and visit Hennan’s station from the 1940s and Hosäter, the lineman’s cottage. You can go into many of the engines and carriages. Don’t miss our café and our rich assortment of railway-related products in the museum shop.

Events and conferences

To sit and have dinner amongst elegant train engines and carriages is very special and not an experience possible at very many places. Good place to mingle, make new friends, talk railway memories and even challenge colleagues in a variety of competitions. Book seats for the play, Single Track, performed in the museum, which takes you on a truly novel journey through Sweden’s railway history.


Rälsgatan 1, Gävle
Telephone: +46 (0)10-123 21 00