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Double tracks between Ängelholm and Helsingborg, Romares väg

The stretch of the West Coast Line line from Ängelholm to Helsingborg, Romares väg has a severe lack of capacity. In order for rail traffic to be fully developed, we need to convert this section of line to double tracks.

The West Coast Line between Göteborg and Lund is an important connection for both passenger and goods traffic and connects the metropolitan regions of Oslo/Göteborg with Malmö/Copenhagen. The stretch of line from Ängelholm to Helsingborg, Romares väg, is part of the heavily congested West Coast Line which currently has a severe lack of capacity. In order for rail traffic to be fully developed, we need to convert this section of line to double tracks

The purpose of the project is to:

  • improve passenger services,
  • make it possible to commute further by train within a reasonable period of time,
  • strengthen the potential for urban areas and the transport system to be developed in an integrated way, and
  • guarantee that the West Coast Line can take on the standard determined for it in the long term.

What has happened to date?

The Government has tasked the Swedish Transport Administration with developing a proposal for a comprehensive national multi-modal traffic plan for developing the Swedish transport system over the period 2014–2025. The upgrading of the West Coast Line on the stretch of line between Ängelholm and Maria is included in the plan as an identified project.

For the section Ängelholm–Maria, in 2007 we conducted a railway survey on an upgrading to double tracks, and for the stretch of line between Maria Station and Romares väg, we conducted a supplementary railway survey in 2011. There are environmental impact analyses for both these surveys and we have had ongoing consultations in the meantime.

What is happening now in the project?

A railway plan is now being drawn up for an upgrading to double tracks between Ängeholm and Helsingborg, Romares väg. The stretch of line in question is 24 km in length with stations at Ängelholm, Kattarp, Ödåkra and Maria. The railway plan will be implemented in close cooperation with local residents, organisations, authorities and companies. Consultations were hold during winter 2015 and will also be held during winter 2016/2017. 

How will we build the double-track section?

We propose constructing the double-track section with its present routing, or in other words in its current location. Immediately outside Ängelholm in the direction of Kattarp, we propose to construct the line west of its existing alignment, and from Kattarp as far as Maria Station in Helsingborg we intend to route the line east of the existing alignment. In Rögle, Kattarp and Gyhult, we intend to straighten out the sharp bends in the existing railway line.

Also included in the project is the construction of new rail and road bridges, pedestrian and cycle underpasses and the provision of noise protection measures. And as early as in 2017, we intend to build a pedestrian and cycle tunnel at Ringstorpsvägen in Helsingborg.