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SweRoad sales process

Trafikverket has been commissioned by the Swedish Government to execute the sale of SweRoad. On this page you will find information regarding the sales process.

Information Memorandum

To obtain the Information Memorandum you need to sign a confidentiality undertaking. Please send a request with your company name, registration number (organisationsnummer) and address. You will find the contact information under "Contact us" above.

Once the confidentiality undertaking is signed, you will receive the Information Memorandum by email.

Process and Due Diligence

To participate in the sales process and Due Diligence, please contact us for further information and guidelines.

Contact details

You will find the contact information under "Contact us" above. Please note that the principle of equal treatment applies in the sales process, which means that Trafikverket will not disclose any additional information regarding SweRoad or its business until after the indicative bids have been received.