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The Traffic situation in Södertälje

Motorvägsbron/highway bridge is closed for southbound traffic after an accident involving a truck during midsummer. Trafikverket is now working to restore the bridge. We estimate that the bridge will be opened for souhtbound traffic in early September.

Northbound traffic on the bridge is not affected by the shutdown.

Recommended routes

Southbound traffic from Uppsala past Södertälje, take road 55 towards Norrköping/Malmö.
See map with direcions (pdf file, 1,9 MB)

If you are visiting Södertälje, use the Saltsjöbron.
See map with direcions (pdf file, 373 kB)

Can be long queues

Despite the holiday season which means less traffic, it is still queues that vary in length during daytime. The area is extremely sensitive to disturbance. It is one of Sweden's busiest roads which now have fewer lanes than normal and reduced speed. An accident or a car that breaks down can cause long queues in a very short time.

Note that your travel time may be longer.

See camera pictures over the area in real time