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Changes in payment terms - decision on return to normal

The Swedish Transport Administration has previously offered suppliers relief in the payment terms linked to the corona virus. We are now returning to normal payment procedures for supplier invoices issued from 1 November.

The decision on amended payment terms taken on 31 March, which was then extended in instalments, will now expire.

The reason for the decision is that civil engineering investments are at a very high level and overall the pandemic has not reduced growth in the construction market. The liquidity of the construction companies is considered to be good.

For customer invoices issued to contract customers who have traffic agreements, it has been decided to have a gradual return to ordinary payment procedures with 60-day payment terms applied during a transitional period until January 2021.

The reason for this is that the pandemic has had a major impact on railway companies, mainly passenger transport on railways with low ticket sales and thus lower income. Therefore, in order not to jeopardise the liquidity of railway companies with many invoices falling due at the same time, a gradual return to ordinary payment procedures is being applied.

Conditions caused by the development of the Covid-19 pandemic are being continuously analysed. If necessary, payment terms can be taken up for re-examination and decisions.