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The Swedish Transport Administration and the coronavirus

The Swedish Transport Administration is monitoring developments in relation to the coronavirus. We thank you for following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency when travelling in Sweden.

Updated April 27th 2021

Advice for travellers on buses and trains or private cars – in order to avoid crowding and the spread of infection:

  • Pay attention to regional guidelines and restrictions and their effect on travelling
  • Only travel if it is necessary and avoid travelling during rush hours
  • Use your bike or walk when convenient

Protect yourself and others. Stay home if you are feeling ill and wash your hands carefully. Keep your distance to others on public transport, and avoid unnecessary travelling. We also ask you to cancel your driver’s license test if you are ill or have symptoms. Please prevent rumours and stay updated by following the official channels from relevant authorities.

Link to regional guidelines and restrictions (

The Swedish Transport Administration is monitoring developments in relation to the coronavirus and adjusting its response according to recommendations from the Public Health Agency and other relevant authorities and we apply the precautionary principle.

The Swedish Transport Administration’s national crisis coordination team has been activated to ensure a collective focus in terms of our priorities and any action we plan to take. This will allow us to continually monitor the course of events with regard to the coronavirus, and adapt our response accordingly based on the very latest situation.

Do not travel if you have symptoms of Covid-19, and minimise the risk of infection when travelling. It is important for everyone to maintain distance from other people, both while travelling and at the destination. Before your journey, check with the municipality (”kommunen”) you intend to visit if there are any local restrictions.

Avoid travelling on public transport if you cannot book a seat reservation. If you become ill, you need to be able to make your way home without putting others at risk of infection. Remember to maintain distance from others and avoid places where many people gather.

Public transport is in operation, but frequency and capacity may be limited.

Questions about Covid-19 and force majeure

The Swedish Transport Administration`s approach is to manage our socially critical deliveries.

A general position in this matter is not possible, but each situation must be considered separately while taking the specific circumstances and conditions into account. To the extent that you consider that coronavirus affects your agreement(s) with the Swedish Transport Administration, it is important that you handle these matters in accordance with each separate agreement. The contact persons and ways to communicate agreed upon in each separate contract should thus also be applied in matters regarding the coronavirus.

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Under the circumstances, we are only accepting visits from external parties to the Swedish Transport Administration’s premises if they these visits are business-critical. If you have any questions about a scheduled visit, please get in touch with your contact at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The number of tests are limited due to the situation with covid-19

  • All types of tests are bookable, but occupational driver’s licence tests will be prioritised, these are:
    -Category C and D driving and theory tests, taxi driver certification, certificate of professional competence, train drivers licence, ADR tests and drivers certificate tests.
  • Our driving test offices are open if you are about to take a test or have your photo taken for your driving licence renewal. We kindly ask you to cancel your test appointment and to postpone your visit if you are ill or have symptoms of illness.
  • Cancel your booking if you are ill or if you have symptoms of illness.
  • Do not travel if you have symptoms of illness. Stay home if you are ill.