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SPA – data on the road transport system

SPA (Single Point of Access) is a national service in which we gather information on, and provide you with access to, road transport system data.

We address this to those of you who provide us with data and to those who will use it for creating information services.

In the SPA service we present data that is available in the Swedish road transport system, irrespective of which organisation is collecting and supplying it. You can get access to the data you are interested in and want to use by means of links to the respective supplier.

For those of you who intend to use the data to create information services

The data that you can access through the service is regulated by the European Union via the ITS Directive. The European Union can, with support of the Directive, issue binding regulations for different sub-areas within ITS. This means that new types of data will be added as new regulations are gradually issued. Under the heading "About the ITS Directive", you can read more about the Directive and the types of data which you may in the future wish to access via SPA.

Since 1 October 2015, two such regulations have been in force. They specify those measures which the Member States are to take in order to be able to offer information services within the area of road safety-related traffic information and information about safe truck parking areas. Included in SPA is the basic data which is required for these areas:

  • Road safety-related traffic data
  • Data on safe and secure parking areas

For those of you who supply data

Those of you who supply road safety-related traffic data will find information on how to publish it in SPA under the heading "Those of you who supply data".

The category of data that is classified as road safety-related traffic data is specified under the heading "Road safety-related traffic information".