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Provisions on prioritised measures

With the support of the ITS Directive, the European Union has issued six provisions on prioritised measures (a-f). Delegated acts are decided on measures b, c, d and e.

Act a is decided shortly. Act f is put on ice. The provisions are regulated in the following documents:

a) The provision of EU wide multimodal travel information services

b) The provision of EU-wide real-time traffic information services

c) Data and approach for the free provision, where possible, of a minimum of road safety-related universal traffic information for users

d) The harmonised provision of interoperable EU-wide eCall

e) The provision of information services for safe and protected parking areas for trucks and commercial vehicles

f) The provision of booking services for safe and protected parking areas for trucks and commercial vehicles

Since 1 October 2015, Documents c and e apply. Read more about these under the headings Road safety-related traffic information and Information on safe lorry parking areas.

National service for facilitating the exchange of data

Access to relevant and current data is a basic precondition for each Member State being able to take the prioritised measures. Therefore, each country shall draw up a national service, SPA (Single Point of Access), which presents all data that is available in the road transport system, irrespective of the organisation that collect and supply the information. SPA shall make it easier for those of you who create information services to develop services that can increase the efficiency of transportation and travel.

In Sweden, the Swedish Transport Administration has been appointed to create the service SPA for Provisions c and e. Here, all organisations in Sweden that supply data shall declare their data in a metadata specification. They shall also specify where this data can be collected.

Standardised format for data

European Union -wide information services require that data is supplied in a standardised format. According to the provisions, all data shall therefore be supplied in the format Datex II or in some other compatible format.

Information on the standard Datex II can be found at: Datex (Trafikinformation väg i realtid)