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Roles and responsibilities

Here we have compiled information on the requirements imposed by the ITS Directive and the delegated regulations applied to the Member States, authorities, and public organisations and private business community.

For detailed information, reference is made to the European Union's website.

A proposal for a national regulation which distributes Member States' responsibility on national authorities has been developed and is expected to be decided at the beginning of 2016. The responsibilities described below for the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration are based on the proposal.

The Swedish Transport Agency is responsible for

  • formulating national regulation
  • reviewing declarations of compliance from the service providers
  • random inspections of the correctness of the declarations
  • reporting on how the directive is being observed in Sweden

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for

  • designating areas and sections of the road network where the conditions require deployment of the regulated services
  • providing a national service, SPA (Single Point of Access), in which everyone who supplies data shall provide metadata that describes the content of the data they supply
  • providing information on the service, what it contains and how it works

Those of you who supply data are responsible for

  • providing the data that the regulations cover
  • supplying data in standardised format
  • providing the national service with metadata and search paths to data, and updating it
  • at request of the Swedish Transport Agency, supplying declarations that reports on how the regulations are being observed