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Road safety-related traffic information

Here, information is given on ITS Directive provision Document c, which data is available via the service SPA, which organisations in Sweden supply this type of data and how it can be accessed.

The provision indicates those measures that are to be taken by the Member States in order to facilitate matters for those of you who develop and offer information services within the area of Road safety-related traffic information.

The goal of the measures is that information with a safety-related content shall reach as many end users as possible.

Geographical scope

The provision applies the Trans-European Road Network.

Road safety-related traffic data – basic data for traffic information services

The data covered by the provision is subdivided into eight different categories of events and conditions. These are:

  • temporary slippery road surfaces
  • animals, human-beings, obstacles and debris on the road
  • unprotected accident area
  • temporary road works
  • reduced visibility
  • wrong-way driver
  • unmanaged blockage of a road
  • exceptional weather conditions

Everyone who collects and provides this type of data shall make it available via the SPA service. In order to make it possible to provide international information services, traffic data has to be supplied in the Datex II format or in some other compatible format.

Requirements for traffic information services

The provision also makes demands for how traffic information services for end users are to be designed and structured. Road safety-related traffic information shall always be prioritised in preference to other information, and it shall be made evident from the information that it is safety-related. In addition, the information shall contain the following:

  • category of event and a brief description
  • place
  • advice on driver behaviour

The service supplier is responsible for keeping the information to the end user updated and for removing it when the event or specific situation has ceased. A reproduction of the entire provision, Document c, can be found on European Union's website.

Collection and provision of road-safety related traffic data

Under the heading Access to data, you will find a description of all suppliers' metadata and a link to the place from where data can be collected.

Those of you who supply road safety-related traffic data will find information on how to publish it in SPA under the heading Those of you who supply data.