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Access to data

Here you can find details of those organisations in Sweden that supply road safety-related traffic data.

Precisely which data they supply, and how you can access it, can be seen from the respective organisation's metadata specification.

Trafikverkets metadatabeskrivning
Data set title Safety related traffic information  
Dataset reference date 2015-10-21  

Abstract describing dataset

The Swedish Transport Administration collects traffic information 24 hours a day, all year around and provides the information to those who want tosubscribe.

It is free of charge to subscribe but it requires that the user signs an agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration before getting access to the information.

Information about Accidents, Incidents, Roadworks, Road conditions, Obstructions, Weather, Events, Abnormal Fery Times and estimated traveltimes are possible to subscribe to.

Saftey related messages, according to EU Commission, priority Action CNo 886, are tagged with the approved DATEX II extension for Saftey Related messages.

Geographic location dataset TERN, state owned roads.  
Quality Best effort.  
Organisation Swedish Transport Administration  
Organisation email  
Resource title Real time traffic information  
Resource locator Real time traffic information  
Resource abstract Here you find information about how to subscribe etc.  

Det är dataleverantörerna som ansvarar för att kvaliteten på de data som de tillhandahåller motsvarar metadatabeskrivningen.