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Safe truck parking areas

Here, information is given on ITS Directive provision Document e, which data is available via the service SPA and how it can be accessed.

The provisions regulate how the Member States shall gather and provide information on safe and secure parking areas. Each country specifies, based on its own preconditions, what they mean by safe and protected truck parks. In Sweden, we do this by specifying suitable parking areas for trucks, where the parking areas are located and how they are designed with respect to traffic safety and the needs of heavy transport vehicles. It is this data that we make available via the service SPA.

To make it possible to create international information services, all data has to be supplied in the Datex II format or in some other compatible format. The entire provision can be found on the European Union's website.

Datex (Trafikinformation väg i realtid)

Data that you can gain access to

The data that is accessible to you via the service SPA covers the Swedish Transport Administration's installations, and truck parks that are provided by commercial or municipal players. In the case of Sweden, SPA supplies only static data.

Since October 2015, data on the Transport Administration's safe and protected parking areas for trucks can be accessed via the SPA service. During 2016, we will gradually supplement it with further data on commercial and municipal truck parks.

European database

Apart from the fact that each Member State creates an SPA service, the European Union will draw up a European database on all national data. That means you can get access to Swedish data even in this way.

How to access data

In order to gain access to data, you need to register yourself as a client with the Swedish Transport Administration (see link below).

Here you can find information on the Datex II standard

Those of you who will be supplying data

During 2016, the Transport Administration will collect data from commercial and municipal players. Precisely how those of you who will be supplying and maintaining data are to proceed will be described in a special procedure, which will be published here.