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Network Statement 2013

The Network Statement 2013 describes the railway network in Sweden managed by Trafikverket. It is valid 9 december 2012 - 14 december 2013. On this website you also find the template of the track access agreement.

All documents in pdf-format unless otherwise stated. Documents opens in a new window. The original edition below is not updated with changes in the deviation notification (amendments). These have to be read together with the original edition to get the actual status of the Network Statement.

Network Statement - edition 9-12-2011

Chapter 1 General information (PDF-file, 106 kB)
Annex 1.1 Contacts (PDF-file, 37 kB)

Chapter 2 Conditions for access and traffic operation (PDF-file, 108 kB)
Annex 2.1 Information to be given before the departure (PDF-file, 54 kB)
Annex 2.2 Security in track area (PDF-file, 49 kB)

Chapter 3 Infrastructure (PDF-file, 171 kB)
Annex 3.1 Available capacity on sidings and heating posts (Excel-file, 904 kB)
Annex 3.2 Planned major engineering works (Excel-file, 60 kB)
Annex 3.3 Station security (PDF-file, 19 kB)
Annex 3.4 Track standard data (Excel-file, 238 kB)
Annex 3.5 Highest permitted speed by line (Excel-file, 85 kB)
Annex 3.6 Gradients by line (PDF-file, 446 kB)

Chapter 4 Allocation of capacity (PDF-file, 130 kB)
Annex 4.1 is deleted, application on the webb.
Annex 4.2. Priority criteria (PDF-file, 121 kB)
Annex 4.3 Traffic calendar (PDF-file, 22 kB)
Annex 4.4 Capacity requirement (PDF-file, 183 kB)

Chapter 5 Sevices (PDF-file, 144 kB)
Annex 5.1 Traffic information (PDF-file, 39 kB)

Chapter 6 Fees (PDF-file, 208 kB)
Annex 6.1 Train path and passage charges (PDF-file, 129 kB)
Annex 6.2 Reason codes for quality charges (PDF-file, 136 kB)
Annex 6.3 Calculation of electricity (pdf-file, 110 kB)

General terms and conditions (PDF-file, 198 kB)