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Technical pages for subscribers – Real time traffic information

Here you will find information on Datex II. You can download schedules, wsdl-files, sample code, etcetera to help you get started with Datex II. This page will be updated with more information regularly.

Launch of new DATEX version 3.0

The new version of DATEX II version 3.0 has now been launched. The current version is 2.3. Note that the two versions (2.3 and 3.0) will run in parallel in 2020, so nothing will be shut down. The new version contains some changes in the SituationPublication, changes in structure, division into smaller sub-schemas.

Note that in the first version only SituationPublication will be in version 3.0. The other publications e.g. ElaboratedDataPublication and MeasuredDataPublication will remain as version 2.3 for a while.

If you have any questions, please use the form under Contact us.

Here you can download information describing Datex II.


The Transport Administration uses a single license for all open data. The information contained in trafficinformation for the Datexstandard is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0.


Datex II Specifikation 2.3 (zip, 78 kB)

Datex II specifikation 3.0 (zip, 80 kB)

Document that describes contents and information of Datex II format

Datex II schema and WSDL

XML schema files for validation of traffic information and descriptive language for web services (wsdl), in this case for Datex II.

Schemas and WSDL-files are packed in the same zip file.

Datex II schema

Datex II 2.3 schema without definitions (zip, 41 kB)

Datex II 2.3 schema with definitions (zip, 129 kB)

Datex II 3.0 schema (zip, 50 kB)

Datex II Level B schema and WSDL

Elaborated Data

Elaborated Data (zip, 3 kB)


Situation Data 2.3

Situation Data 3.0


Weather data (zip, 4 kB)

Datex II Dictionary

Data Dictionary (zip, 205 kB)
Data Dictionary containing the translations that are available.

Datex II Level C schema and WSDL


Collected list of all examples that are available:

Push server (zip, 82 kB)
Example code in Microsoft.Net for web services to be able to receive traffic information.

Datex II test client (zip, 533 kB)
Example code in Microsoft.Net for web services clients to be able to synchronize DATEX II information.

XML Exemple files with data (zip, 57 kB)
Example files in xml format containing DATEX II information.