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The Swedish Location Table for TMC

Welcome to the Download Site for the Swedish Location Table The Swedish location table is certificated by TMC Forum.

TMC in Sweden

There have been TMC transmissions in Sweden since 1998 via the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation P3 station’s RDS channel, a Radio Data System with a capacity of about 1200 baud. The signals are transmitted via Teracom’s programme control in the Kaknäs TV and radio tower, and cover about 98 percent of Sweden by means of 55 radio masts and 260 slave masts.

TMC messages are presented either as text, voice messages, or on a map. In order to be able to receive TMC messages it is necessary to have a special receiver that can be installed in the car radio or connected to a display presenting maps, text and symbols.

In Sweden the TMC covers the European highways, national highways and trunk roads. Whether a certain TMC message shall be given precedence over other TMC messages depends on its level of importance and how often it is to be transmitted. Although each individual country decides how weather reports are to be transmitted via TMC, there is a common recommendation for Europe.

The TMC service is free of charge and available around the clock. About 4000 new messages per month is transmitted in Sweden today and it´s increasing.