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TMC Parameters

Sweden is divided into eight TMC transmission areas. TMC messages on European highways, national highways and trunk roads covering more than one area are transmitted in all areas.

  • In Sweden it is the Swedish Transport Administration that is the RDS-TMC service provider.
  • Country Code E
  • SID =1
  • Transmission rate:
    - for 3A groups: every 10 seconds with a group rate of 1 group/second.
    - for 8A groups: when TMC messages are available, with a group rate of 1 group/second.
  • Group repetition rate 3
  • Location database number 33
  • Service availability 24 hours/day
  • The service covers about 98 percent of Sweden.
  • The RDS-TMC service on the Swedish public radio channel, P3, is free of charge.