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Period of validity - Transport exemption

A decision on an exemption from the maximum allowable width, length, and weight is normally valid for at most a month, and for one trip.

For exemptions that are valid for more than one trip, we can grant a longer period of validity. In accordance with Swedish Transport Agency general guidelines, the period of validity should not exceed five years.

Trafikverket currently adheres to the following practices for periods of validity and types of exemptions:

Temporary exemption for solitary transport

A transport with exemption usually takes place within a few days of the decision, but it is expedient to allow validity for a longer period. Decisions on exemptions for a solitary transport are usually valid for at most one month.

Temporary exemptions for recurring transports on one section of road

A decision on an exemption for recurring transports on a given section of road is usually valid for between one month and one year, depending on the width, length, and/or weight of the transport. In an exemption decision on weight, a period of validity for at most three or six months applies.

General road network exemptions

For heavy transports the period of validity can be extended to 12 months

  • for trips with recurring transports of indivisible loads on BK1 roads (load class 1 roads) on the main road network (E4-499) within one region and with a fixed maximum gross weight (currently 71 tons for vehicle combinations, 22 tons for tandem axles, and 26 tons for triple axles) or
  • for trips with heavy vehicles (mobile cranes, for example) on the main road network (E4-499) within one region and with a fixed maximum weight (currently 13 tons per axle and with a max vehicle class A/B of 12/24). The vehicle class A/B of a mobile crane is calculated in TRIX. TRIX is the Trafikverket system for handling transport exemptions for internal and external users.  Contact Trafikverket’s transport exemption unit if you need more information of TRIX or vehicle class.

For trips with wide vehicles (wide semitrailers, forwarders, or dumpers, for example), the period of validity can be extended to five years for recurring transports on non-private roads (streets and public roads) and with a fixed maximum width (normally max 310 cm, or max 350 cm for certain off-road vehicles).