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What does a transport exemption mean?

The Trafikverket regional offices or the municipalities are the ones who examine exceptions (exemptions) from the Traffic Ordinance (TrF) concerning wide, long, and heavy transports.

Exceptions are allowed if needed for particular reasons and if they can be carried out without jeopardizing traffic safety, or causing damage to roads or any other great inconvenience.

Trafikverket also provides information and advice to individuals, businesses, the police, municipalities, and other entities about vehicles, vehicle combinations, travel routes, rules, and transport conditions.

Applying for an exemption from TrF

If the transport concerns only one municipality, send the application to that municipality. When the transport concerns several municipalities, send the application to the Trafikverket regional office in the region where the trip originates.

You can order the application from the Trafikverket regional offices or get a fillable PDF at the Trafikverket website.

A registration certificate does not need to be included for vehicles registered in Sweden.