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A speed limit camera next to the road.

Effects of Vision Zero

Vision Zero has led to greater cooperation and management by objectives in order to achieve road safety targets. Of central importance are indicators that influence safety. Analysis reports on the course of development are published each year.

Annual outcome conferences

Swedish road safety work is based on Vision Zero and on the stage goals identified. In order to achieve the road safety objectives, management by objectives is used in the road safety activities. This means that there are goals to be followed up for a number of identified indicators (input areas). The development and goal achievement are presented in analysis results and evaluated at annual outcome conferences. The purpose of this approach is to promote long-term thinking and systematics in the road safety work.

Management by objectives is developed on an ongoing basis in cooperation between a number of organisations through GNS Väg (Group for National Cooperation). Participating organisations are the Swedish National Police Board, the National Society for Road Safety (NTF), Toyota Sweden AB, Folksam, the Swedish Work Environment Agency, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Cooperation in the same direction

An item of central interest in management by objectives is thus the follow-up of indicators – a total of ten in number. Each of them shall achieve a concrete goal by 2020. The objectives of the indicators are together the integrated goal of the road safety development. Examples of indicators are speed limit observance, safe cars and safe pedestrian, cycle and moped crossings.

Management by objectives is an example that cooperation between different players has been developed and become a key factor in the work on achieving Vision Zero. It has led to authorities, the business community and organisations pulling in the same direction to a much greater extent than was the case earlier, as a consequence of coordination and collaboration.