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OLA – a systematic working method

OLA is a working method consisting of three basic components: objective facts, list of solutions and addressed actions.

Many actors in society influence traffic safety, for example municipalities and the automotive industry. There is a requirement that these actors take increased responsibility to do what is possible to contribute towards increased safety on the roads.

The be-all and end-all for accomplishing this is that the different actors who influence traffic safety:

  • receive improved knowledge and insight regarding traffic safety problems
  • identify themselves as influencing actors
  • take decisions and publicly display their intentions to act and contribute with solutions.

This is the fundamental idea in the Swedish Transport Administration's systematic working method which has been named OLA. This working method consists of three basic components: objective facts, list of solutions and addressed actions.

Following studies, dialogue and presentations of facts the different actors commonly develop concrete solutions for improving traffic safety within a demarcated problem area. This takes place through a well-structured and relatively short process. The action plans are then presented as a rule through a mass media seminar or similar where the participants publicly display their intentions to act. There has been different OLA-projects for different problem and improvement areas, where each one involves different groups of influencing actors.

OLA projects are currently run or planned within the areas of moped traffic, bus traffic, heavy traffic, alcohol, youth and senior citizens amongst other things.

The results of this working method have proven to be very good. More and more actors who influence traffic safety commit themselves further and take increased responsibility.