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Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition (STRADA)

STRADA (Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition) is a national information system containing data on traffic accidents and injuries occurring in the Swedish road transportsystem. The information comes from the police and the medical care services.

The data in STRADA is based on two separate sources: traffic accident reports provided by the police, and medical reports provided by the hospitals that are part of the STRADA system. By combining data from two sources, more detailed descriptions of traffic accidents and their consequences can be provided.

In particular, the hospitals' reporting of diagnoses broadens the knowledge of injuries sustained and their degree of seriousness. Furthermore, because the police have limited knowledge about certain types of road traffic accidents (mainly those including unprotected road user such as pedestrians, cyclists and moped drivers), including hospital data decreases the total number of unrecorded cases. Conversely, the police reports often contain information that is not available in the hospital reports, for instance, information regarding specific traffic elements and the circumstances of an accident.

The Swedish Transport Agency is the authority responsible for STRADA. Nationwide reporting to STRADA by the police has been carried out continuously since 2003 (early trials of the system began in 1999). Hospital reporting to STRADA has increased gradually from 29 hospitals in 2003 to 68 hospitals in 2012.