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Vision Zero in the world

The concepts and approach of Vision Zero have spread all over the world. Vision Zero Academy is a knowledge node on Vision Zero containing reports and research results. You are most welcome to contribute!

Have you done research on topics related to Vision Zero? In that case we are interested in linking to your publications. Our ambition is to show the breadth of the research being done around the world related to the Vision Zero.

Please contact the Swedish Transport Administration experts on Vision Zero through the link "Show contact details". 

Vision Zero in New York

The Swedish Vision Zero is changing the approach to road safety work around the world. An example is New York City, where Vision Zero was introduced in 2014. The film below is about how road safety has been improved in New York and about the effects that have been achieved. One of the founders of Vision Zero, Matts-Åke Belin, participates in the film when attending a road safety symposium in New York.