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Inspection of construction work on a railway
This news is older than 6 months

Approved subdivision of contracts

The procurement process within the East Link Project has taken another leap forward. This week, the Project Subdivision into Main Contracts has been finalised and published.

The East Link procurement manager Johan Sundin and production unit manager Otto Andersson have received comments on their initial proposal from the industry both in Sweden and internationally. They have landed in an official project subdivision, which is available on our website.

The division of the construction work is done in geographic areas. Electrical, signaling and telecommunication technology (EST), however, will be procured for the entire route, as separate contracts.

The procurement of the major contracts will begin in 2019, with the exception of Kardonbanan and the new freight yard in Norrköping, which will start slightly earlier.

"We have left plenty of time for suppliers to prepare and apply. Since most contracts are very large, our aim is to offer long tenders in order to facilitate business planning and give prospective contractors time to find suitable partners .... " Johan Sundin says.

Otto Andersson continues:

"We will now market these contracts through the project website, the Transport Authority's own vendor days, seminars and at trade fairs abroad."

Key aspects to take note of for prospective suppliers of the East Link Project are sustainability and a safe working environment. Entrepreneurs who work with us are required to be involved in and contribute to sustainability efforts. Additionally, workplace health and safety is a top priority for both us and our suppliers.