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The East Link rail alignment studied in depth

All four sub-projects have now been procured for design, and work on optimisation of the rail alignment continues.

The work on determining the best track alignment for the East Link Project (projekt Ostlänken), or in other words optimizing the railway lines, continues. It is a question of studying where it is best to lay tracks depending on the preconditions of the landscape, where we have to construct tunnels and bridges, etc. In order to acquire answers, extensive preliminary work is needed. This includes everything from geotechnical field investigations, in which studies are made of the landscape, ground conditions, rock types, soil quality and groundwater to performing, surveys making analyses, and studying the surroundings. In the current situation, work is in progress on geotechnical field investigations that will continue for a long time to come.

Design creates the necessary prerequisites for a sustainable railway

Design covers everything from planning, procurement and investigation to guaranteeing resources, laying the foundations for structures, logistics, work environment, etc. Håkan Gunnar has worked on similar social development projects for over thirty years and holds everything together with respect to design work for the Ostlänken Project, in any case for one more month. After this he will be appointed head of the production unit in Norrköping and Otto Andersson will take over as Design Manager.

"A good basic precondition for constructing railways is well-performed design work," explains Håkan Gunnar. "The design guarantees the prerequisites for the production, makes sure that the logistics work, that the constructio is sustainable in the long term, thet the maintenance can be carried out efficiently, that there is enough room to build and stockpile (for example broken rock and soil that has been excavated) and that material is taken care of and transported. The list can be made very long."

Work environment

Design is an important aspect of the whole project, and nothing must be missed. One area that the Swedish Transport Administration brings into the light and is considering very carefully at an early stage is the work environment. The Transport Administration applies a vision zero when it comes to work site accidents, and the goal is a safe and sustainable work environment with no site accidents.

About the East Link Project

The East Link Project is a project that consists of some 150 km of high-speed railway that will run between Järna and Linköping. According to plans, there will be five new stations along the route, some 200 bridges and about 30 tunnels. The Transport Administration has been commissioned by the government to build this railway line and work will continue on it until 2028, when trains will begin to operate on the line. We are in the middle of the planning stage at the moment which will continue until approximately 2021. After this, the actual construction work on Ostlänken will begin in earnest. The suppliers that have been procured are ÅF/Tyréns AB in Södertälje/Trosa, Cowi AB in Nyköping, Sweco AB in Norrköping and WSP AB in Linköping.