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Together we will create the necessary preconditions for the East Link

As the project gradually proceeds, our work will become increasingly visible along the East Link (Ostlänken) route. You can meet us at open houses, by personal contacts or view our work in the form of field and/or archaeological surveys.

Meeting the world around us and our immediate environment is an important part of our work on ensuring that the project is conducted in a sustainable way. As part of this work, I will in October and November, together with the Transport Administration's Regional Manager East, meet the Municipalities of Södertälje, Trosa, Nyköping, Norrköping and Lindköping in order to talk about the current situation. These are important meetings – for both me and the project.

In order to create the necessary preconditions for the East Link, we also meet our suppliers. Now, during the autumn, we are making three journeys to Europe to generate interest on the part of European suppliers to help construct the East Link Line. These types of supplier meetings have now been held for several years in different forms, and they will continue to be held until all the contractors that are needed to construct the line have been appointed. Currently, we are talking a lot about our division into contracts This was also what I talked about on the Regional Suppliers' Day that the Swedish Transport Administration arranged in Stockholm on Wednesday 5 October. Our dialogue station was visited by a large number of interested suppliers. We were very about this and look forward to continued cooperation.

In addition to holding dialogues on the subject of coming assignments, we have continuous and close collaboration with our present suppliers. Four suppliers have accepted the tough challenge of – together with us – preparing the nine railway plans that are needed in order for the East Link to be implemented. The contracted consultants are very important to us. Through goal-oriented and innovative work, design activities will be conducted that will guarantee cooperation with us. The contracted consultants are very important for us. Through goal-oriented and innovative work, the kind of design work will be carried out that secures an efficient and safe form of construction and in the end results in a sustainable railway system that is ready for operation. A challenge that is referred to as good enough, but which is at the same time a task that involves a lot and gives much in return.

We are establishing further preconditions for the project by working on the basic input for the National Transport Plan 2018-2029. This applies to costings, socio-economic calculations and assessments. You can read about the present situation as far as our cost forecast is concerned in a separate news article. You can find it here:

Have a good time until you hear from me again!

Malin Holen