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Linköping station.
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New work in Linköping

In 2017, the Swedish Transport Administration is initiating a new investigation on how and where to establish the high-speed railway through central Linköping. There will be several opportunities for the public to give their opinion on the alternatives.

When a new railway is being planned and there are alternative routes, the Swedish Transport Administration carries out a location investigation, which is an early stage of the work to develop a railway plan. This investigation is to look at the best stretch for the railway at ground level through Linköping and also at how the East Link is to be connected to a future continuation of the high-speed railway towards Jönköping and further on to Malmö and Göteborg. As part of the location investigation, we will study both previously obtained information and new proposals.

The aim is to investigate different alternatives for the routing of the railway and the location of the station in order to compare costs, impact on the city environment and what would provide the best conditions for the trains that will operate on the high-speed railway. It is meant to provide good planning conditions for continued work within the municipality and at the Swedish Transport Administration.

"The location investigation is primarily an important tool in the democratic dialogue that we use here at the Swedish Transport Administration in order to get the opinion of the public, Linköping Municipality, other agencies, the business sector and other stakeholders. The result is supporting data that we can use in moving forward with more technical investigations in the work with the railway plan," says Malin Holen, Project Manager for the East Link Project.

During the location investigation, those who live or work in the investigated area will be consulted, and there will be a close dialogue with the municipality and other stakeholders. The goal is to be able to select a route for the railway and a location for the station by the end of 2018, which the Swedish Transport Administration and Linköping Municipality can agree on.

The East Link Project is currently working on ten railway plans on the stretch from Järna to Tallboda in Linköping Municipality. A corridor has already been selected and work is underway to plan and choose an optimal route for the high-speed railway, i.e. the track line.

From the municipal border with Norrköping and as far as Tallboda, the project is now getting started on soil surveys, nature conservation value inventories, archaeological investigations and other field work.