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East Link invites suppliers to dialogue

On October 31 and November 1, we invite suppliers to dialogue to get acquainted with the consultancy firms' views on the assignment  sizes, bundling and technical content.

The East Link project has previously conducted three rounds of dialogue with suppliers. The project is now approaching the stage when the tender documents have to be prepared for the upcoming contracts. We are therefore inviting consultancy firms to a dialogue prior to the upcoming design procurement process.

We would like to hear the consultancy firms' views on the sizes of the assignments, bundling and technical content.

The dialogue will take place in Stockholm in the form of individual one-hour meetings. The number of meetings is limited.

Tuesday 31 October
Wednesday 1 November

Support material will be distributed prior to the meetings. Information on the location of the meetings will be provided in connection with notification.

Notification shall be sent to Specify your choice of day, unless you can come either day.