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About the Gothenburg-Borås Project

Gothenburg–Borås is one of the links in a new high-speed network between Stockholm and Gothenburg/Malmö. The new railway will create a new rail connection to Göteborg Landvetter Airport and link the region's two largest cities closer together.

The present railway has a limited capacity with a single track and level crossings. An upgrading will create the necessary potential for sufficiently fast and frequent rail services between the cities, which will be able to compete with road transport and contribute towards regional development. The upgrade will also create a new rail connection to Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Sweden's second largest airport. Safety will increase and the environment will benefit from the shift of more transportation from road to rail.

Background to the Gothenburg-Borås Project

Western Sweden is expanding. There is a steady increase in population, and economic growth continues. One important precondition for continued regional expansion is for more people to have access to more workplaces within a reasonable commuting distance.

The railways in the west of Sweden have for many years been subject to major expectations. Investments in the railways are a major ingredient for achieving the goal of increased growth in the region. The railways are regarded as being the type of transport that can both provide the possibility for regional growth and at the same time do so in a way that is sustainable in the long term.