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The tunnel in Kattleberg. Photo: Kasper Dudzik.
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This is how the West Link will be built

The packaging of the West Links future contracts is now completed. The construction will be carried out in a total of six main contracts.

Work on the West Link Project will be divided into six main contracts. Five of the contracts are based on a geographical subdivision of the route. In addition, there will be a general contract for so-called BEST (Track, Electrical, Signal and Telecom) works.

In 2015, we expect to be able to distribute tender enquiry documents for the first construction contracts; Olskroken and Centralen. In the spring of 2015 we reckon on being able to distribute tender enquiry documents for preparatory works, such as utility line rerouting, for example.

The future procurements of construction contracts and preparatory works for the West Link Project and services are described in more detail in the Procurement Strategy, produced and published by the Swedish Transport Administration for the purpose of the project.