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Buildings on Kvarnberget. Photo: Rafael Palomo
This news is older than 6 months

Property inspections now in progress

The Swedish Transport Administration has now started early pre-inspections of those properties that may be affected by the West Link and Olskroken Projects. This is in order to determine the status of the buildings prior to the start of construction.

A preliminary inspection is conducted in order, among other things, to be able to take any measures that could prevent damage occurring during construction. Walls, ceilings, possible crack patterns and basement areas are in present time being checked in those buildings that could be affected by construction of the West Link and Olskroken Projects.

The ongoing inspection is the first out of two to be carried out by the Transport Administration in order to determine the status before the projects' construction start, which are planned to commence in 2018. Those buildings that have been included in the inspection work are the ones that could be affected by the construction of the two projects, i.e. those located within a distance of 150 m from the planned working corridors, together with the buildings with sensitive foundations.

– In order to be able to make a comprehensive inspection, we require access to all the places and rooms inside the buildings. We have sent an information letter to the property owners stating that we are about to start the inspection work. They will later be contacted once again in order to decide on a suitable inspection time, and the property owners will then contact the residents and business owners, says Åse Täck, who works with real estate issues in connection with the West Link Project.

The early preliminary inspections will continue until the end of 2015 and, immediately before the start of the projects' construction, another pre-inspection will be made. Possibly, interim inspections will be performed during the construction period and, finally, post-inspections will be made once the facilities have been completed.