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Project group reviewing an illustration of the West Link. Photo: Christiaan Dirksen
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West Link Railway Plan exhibited for review

The Swedish Transport Administration in the final stage of drawing up a proposal for the railway plan of the West Link Project. The plan is expected to be exhibited for review in December.

In order to build a new railway, a document referred to as a railway plan is needed. It is this document that the Transport Administration has been working on for the last three years in connection with the West Link Project. The plan describes the new facility and how it can be constructed, and there will soon be a finished proposal available. The plan is expected to be exhibited for review in December, when it will be available for examination by the general public, property owners and business operators.

– The Railway Plan shows, among other things, where the tracks, tunnel and exits are planned to be located. Mainly, it is a question of descriptions, maps and drawings of the tunnel alignment, says Erik Lööv, Planning Manager for one of the West Link's stations.

Also included in the Railway Plan is an environmental impact assessment, which describes possible consequences for the environment during and after construction. A design programme has also been drawn up, which shows proposals for the design of the facility and the stations.

Aspects to be considered

In the work on drawing up the Railway Plan, various alternatives have been studied and analysed to determine where in the so-called corridor, which was decided on in 2007, the tunnel and the stations could be located in the best possible way. During the course of the work, the Swedish Transport Administration has held consultations with the general public, property owners and the authorities and municipalities concerned.

– During consultation, those parties concerned have had the opportunity to express their opinions of the route and design of the West Link. We have subsequently reviewed their comments and worked them into the Railway Plan based on the technical preconditions we have. We are now presenting the final proposal, and during the review of the Railway Plan it will be possible for the general public to see how we have taken these views into consideration, says Erik Lööv.

Those property owners and holders of rights that are directly affected by the West Link Railway Plan will receive a personal invitation to attend the review. The Railway Plan will be exhibited for review at the Transport Administration's regional offices, in the cities of Gothenburg and Mölndal, and on the West Link Project's home page in December.