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Tram at the Haga Church stop. Photo: Rafael Palomo
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An important milestone for the West Link

The West Link Environmental Impact Assessment has been approved by the County Administrative Board, which means that the railway plan for the project can be exhibited for public review. The plan has been available for review since December 10th 2014.

Thursday the 20th of November, the Swedish Transport Administration was informed that the West Link Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been approved by the County Administrative Board. Among those aspects assessed in the EIA are the environmental preconditions for the project, the likely impact of the project on the environment and the potential for reducing any negative effects. However, an approved EIA does not mean that the environmental work is finished.

– The work on environmental issues is a constant process – both in the continued planning as well as during the construction stage. We will continue to work not only on determining the best way of handling those consequences that are taken up in the EIA, but also on dealing with the environmental issues that cannot be addressed within the framework of this specific formal document, says Mira Andersson-Ovuka, Environmental Specialist for the West Link project.

– The fact that the EIA has been approved means that we can continue to the next stage of the formal process, which is the review of the railway plan, says Bo Lindgren, who is responsible for permit and consultation aspects in the project.

The railway plan, which describes the West Link and how it is to be constructed, could therefore be exhibited for review by the general public from the 10th of December this year. This means that the plan is available for the general public, property-owners and the local and central authorities concerned. The railway plan is exhibited at the regional office of the Swedish Transport Administration at Kruthusgatan 17 in Gothenburg, the offices of the City of Gothenburg and the Municipality of Mölndal, as well as on the West Link website. The review will continue until the 30th of January 2015.