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Illustrated exampel of the West Link Station Centralen. Illustration: Metro Arkitekter
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Review of the West Link’s railway plan in progress

Between the December 10th 2014 and January 30th 2015, the West Link railway plan is exhibited for review. This means that the general public can take part of the Transport Administration’s proposal of how the facility can be designed and construced.

Before a new railway can be constructed, a document referred to as a railway plan is needed. This plan enables the Transport Administration to acquire the land that is needed for construction of the West Link facility.

Over the past three years, the Swedish Transport Administration has been working on a railway plan for the West Link Project. This plan, which is currently on exhibition for review purposes, presents a proposal for what the facility could look like and how it could be constructed.

– The railway plan consists mainly of maps and descriptions of the tunnel route. But at the same time, a consultation report, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and a design programme are also included among the documents, explains Erik Lööv, Design Manager for the West Link station Korsvägen.

Consultation during the work of the plan

During its work on drawing up the railway plan, the Swedish Transport Administration has held consultations and maintained a dialogue with the general public and the property owners, authorities and local authorities concerned. These consultations have had an impact on the process, views and opinions have been worked into the railway plan based on the existing preconditions. Also during the review period, the general public has the chance to submit observations to be considered by the Transport Administration before the plan is finally adopted. (See information to the right.)

Where to take part of the plan

The railway plan is on exhibition at the Transport Administration's Regional Office (Kruthusgatan 17, Gothenburg), at the offices at the City of Gothenburg and the Municipality of Mölndal, and in Älvrummet in Gothenburg. Some of the documents are also accessible on the West Link project's website. (The link can be found in the right-hand column). The railway plan will be exhibited for review until the 30th of January 2015. From December until January, the City of Gothenburg's detailed development plan for the railway tunnel will also be exhibited for review. More information is available at