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The Gothenburg School of Economics. Photo: Rafael Palomo
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See the proposed designs of the new school building with the incorporated station entrance

Akademiska Hus plan an extension of the Gothenburg School of Economics, which is intended to house one of the entrances to the West Link. In a recent competition, six architect teams was selected to draw up proposals of the building’s design.

In order to extend the School of Economics in Gothenburg, the property-owner Akademiska Hus intend to rebuild part of the school. In connection with the construction of the new building, it is possible to integrate one of the entrances to the West Link's Station Haga.

In June 2014, Akademiska Hus invited architects to take part in an architectural competition, which consisted of designing a new building for the School of Economics. The competition was arranged in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration, the City of Gothenburg and the Architects of Sweden. 73 architect teams from all over Europe submitted the application.

Six teams have now been selected to submit proposals for the building, which will serve as both an extension of the School of Economics as well as an entrance to Station Haga. At the end of March, the jury will decide which team of architects that is to be awarded the prize. The jury consists of representatives from Akademiska Hus, the Swedish Transport Administration, Gothenburg University, the City of Gothenburg and the Architects of Sweden.

– We look forward to see the solutions proposed by the architectural teams for both our own facility and the School of Economics. From our own point of view, we will above all focus on the qualities of the station entrance and how well the proposals for the two facilities succeed in enhancing each other, says Johny Lindeberg, architecture specialist in the West Link Project and jury member.