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Illustrated example of a part of Project Olskroken. Illustration: Metro Arkitekter
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The Swedish Transport Administration invites contractors to tender for the Olskroken Contract

Work is now starting on the procurement of contractors for construction of the West Link Project and the adjacent Project Olskroken. It is now possible to submit a tender application for the construction contract Olskroken.

In direct connection with the West Link Project, an extension of the Olskroken railway node is planned. Because of the geographical proximity and similarity in time schedules, the planning and construction of Project Olskroken are coordinated with the West Link Project.

The work with the West Link and Project Olskroken will be divided into six main contracts. Five of the contracts are based on a geographical subdivision of the route. In addition, there is a general contract for BEST works (Track, Electrical, Signal and Telecom). The Swedish Transport Administration now invites contractors to prequalify for the construction contract Olskroken. This means that you are applying for the right to submit a tender for the contract.

– The Olskroken contract will be procured as a turnkey contract. We are using a business form which makes the contractor involved at an early stage of the project – as early as the design stage. This is why we start the procurement already. Since the formal process is still in progress, the work on the contract will of course be conditional to the necessary granting of permits and decisions, says Lillian Brunbäck, Procurement Manager for the West Link and Project Olskroken.

The final date to submit the tender application is May 15th 2015. Application can be made via the following link.

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About Project Olskroken

Olskroken is a focal point for the rail system in Gothenburg and Western Sweden, and one of the country's most intensive junctions for rail traffic. The Olskroken contract involves grade separation of the railway junction in Olskroken. The contract extend over a distance of about two km and entails the construction of new tracks, bridges and other constructional works for both passenger and goods trains in a complex and busy track environment.

Start of construction is planned for 2018 and operational start-up is planned to be in 2023/2024.

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