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Workers of the West Link Project. Photo: Christiaan Dirksen
This news is older than 6 months

We are now starting the procurement of contractors

After three years of work with the railway plan, the West Link Project is entering a new phase. The formal process of the railway plan continues and the preparatory and planning work take bigger part in the project prior to the construction start.

The upcoming work in the West Link Project includes property inspections and ground surveys, among others. The work also comprises continued planning of how to minimize the impact on the environment, the traffic and the surroundings during the construction phase. Prior to the construction start (estimated to 2018), some physical preparatory work in the city may be necessary, for example the relocation of pipes.

Another big task during the upcoming years is the procurement of contractors who will perform the construction work. The Swedish Transport Administration recently sent out an invitation to apply for tendering for the construction contract Olskroken.

Read more about the construction contract here. ­