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Illustratied example of entrance to Station Haga. Illustration: Abako Arkitektkontor
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All statements on the railway plan are now submitted

All referral bodies have now submitted their statements on the West Link railway plan. The latest to be received were from the County Administrative Board and the City of Gothenburg. The work on compiling and processing the statements is now in progress.

At the end of February and in the beginning of March, the Swedish Transport Administration received the statements on the West Link railway plan made by the County Administrative Board and the City of Gothenburg authorities. This means that all the statements now have been submitted.

The municipal authorities and the County Administrative Board are positive to the West Link Project and are in agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration on most questions. We intend to work together on a number of points in order to come up with solutions that will minimize the impact of the project on the city's cultural environment. This applies, among other things, the cultural environment east of the Skansen Lejonet fortlet, smoke and light shafts at Station Haga, the entrance and ventilation shaft at the Renström Park, and temporary working areas.

Among several referral bodies that were granted an extended referral period was the Swedish Rescue Services, whose statement was received at the end of February. Altogether, we have received over 300 statements from authorities, organisations, property owners and the general public. Several of them, however, are very similar. The areas that have been given the most attention in the referral statements are Haga, Korsvägen and Örgryte.

All views are being processed and commented

The work to compile and responding to all statements and comments in the form of a so-called review report is currently in progress. If the comments only lead to minor changes in the plan, the process can continue. If it on the other hand is a question of major changes, a new exhibition for review of the railway plan will have to be made.

–We can see already that a few minor changes need to be made in the railway plan, for example relocating the smoke shaft in Haga and further to the east decking over the cut-and-cover trough at Skansen Lejonet fortlet, says Bo Lindgren, responsible for permits and consultation in the West Link Project.

The work on the review report and adjustments to be made in the railway plan are calculated to be completed in spring 2015. After this, the plan will be sent to the Swedish Transport Administration head office in Borlänge, where it will be adopted before the summer. Before this, however, the plan has to be approved by the County Administrative Board.