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Green leaves. Photo: The Swedish Transport Administration
This news is older than 6 months

The West Link is examined by the Land and Environment Court for construction permits

During construction of the West Link, the surroundings will be influenced. Parts of the influence is regulated by legislation in the Environmental Code, which means that we need to apply to the Land and Environment Court for permits for our work.

The West Link tunnels will be driven below the ground water level. In order to perform these works, a permit will be needed in accordance with the Environmental Code. The Swedish Transport Administration will therefore apply for permit to conduct water-related activities during the construction of the West Link. The water-related activities include the draining of ground water at some places, and the conducting of works in surface water. The application will be submitted to the Land and Environment Court. This court will also examine the impact of the construction work, for example noise and vibrations at the sites and from the mass transportations.

Before submitting our application to the court, we will invite the general public and real estate owners within the area who could be affected by our works to attend consultation meetings. These consultation meetings give us a chance to acquire information and comments that could be of importance for our continued investigations into water-related activities and impacts from the construction works. During the consultation meetings, we will also tell the public how these issues are approached and how we intend to work in order to prevent impact on the surroundings.

Once the consultation is completed, we will review and take care of those views that have been received on the water-related activities and the impact caused by the construction work. We will then continue the work on the application to the Land and Environment Court. We expect to submit the application to the court at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, and that we will have received a final judgement by 2017.