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Illustrated example of Station Centralen by Metro Arkiteker, and Station Triangeln in Malmö.
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What is included in the West Link Project?

Incorrect information about what is included and what is not in the cost of the West Link is sometimes encountered. In order to sort out which information is correct, we have compiled a list.

The West Link Project has a budget of SEK 20 billion at the 2009 price level*. In December 2014, a review was made of the calculation for the project. The Swedish Transport Administration was thereby able to confirm that there are no indications that the budget will be exceeded.

The Transport Administration conducts all its investment assignments in project form. A project is an assignment which per definition is limited in terms of time, cost and content. The content of the West Link Project consists of an approximately 8 kilometre long railway facility located in the central of Gothenburg, in which about 6.6 kilometres are laid in tunnels beneath the city. Included in the project are three new stations: one at Korsvägen, another station at Haga, and a third station for commuter and regional trains in connection to Gothenburg Central Station. The West Link is planned to be opened for traffic in 2026. The budget for the West Link Project covers double-track stations at Haga and Korsvägen, prepared for expansion to four tracks.

The calculated cost includes a fully functional railway facility with associated passenger functions in the form of platforms, rescue/escape routes, escalators, stairs and lifts to ground level, and weather-protected surface-leveled entrances. The list below gives more examples of what is included in the West Link Project and what is not.

Possible cost increases

The calculation includes a risk reserve for fluctuations in the economy and changes in conditions. The risk reserve is currently valued to SEK 2.3 billion.

Work in Olskroken

Work that need to be made in order to connect the West Link to the surrounding track system are included in the West Link Project budget. Olskroken Project is a separate project that is fully financed by government funds from the national plan. Everything that is needed in order to implement the Olskroken Project is included in that project.

Investments in the rest of the rail network

The West Link will increase the capacity of Gothenburg Central Station without the need for further investments in the railway system. On the other hand, implementation of the West Link Project is a precondition if other investments in the railway network are to be made at all, for example the Gothenburg-Borås Project. The costs of other projects in the region or country are of course not included in the budget for the West Link Project.

Rescue concept

A rescue concept which means that the West Link in the event of an emergency situation can be evacuated in a safe way is included in the budget.

Development of local public transport

The project does not include development of the city's public transport system apart from the three new railway stations at Centralen, Haga and Korsvägen. The West Link Project does not make it impossible to implement known plans for extension of the local public transport system.

Utility line rerouting

The costs for the utility lines that have to be rerouted are included in the calculation, as well as the costs for other works that are necessary in order for the West Link to be built.

Reimbursement for land access

Reimbursement for the land that the Swedish Transport Administration makes use of either permanently or temporarily during the construction period is included in the calculation.

Redemption of real estate

Payments for real estate are included in the calculation.

Compensation to business owners and tenants whose activities are affected during the construction period

The cost is included in the calculation and adjusted in line with normal practice and current legislation.

Stations above ground

Entrances above ground are included in the calculation. Triangle Station in Malmö or the station to be built at Odenplan in Stockholm are examples of what the situation could look like in those cases where the Swedish Transport Administration builds station entrances above the surface. In addition, it is possible for interested parties and stakeholders to make further investments in the station environments.


Costs incurred for the reinstatement of our sites and works areas are included in the calculation.

Traffic diversions

Costs for dealing with all modes of transport in connection with the construction are included in the calculation.

Impact on the environment

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for ensuring that environmental issues are handled in a responsible manner in accordance with current legislation. Costs for this are included in the calculation.

The information is subject to change.

* When the budget for a project is adopted, it is done at a fixed price level that is valid at the time in question. The budget for the West Link Project was decided in 2009 and was thus set at the 2009 price level. This price level will be used up until completion of the project in order to be able to follow-up on the budget. By calculating back to the price level for the established budget with the index known at that time, we avoid having to speculate on future price fluctuations. All the Swedish Transport Administration's projects are given a fixed price level. For example, the budget for the City Line in Stockholm is calculated back to 2007, the budget for the E4 Sundsvall to 2009, and the budget for the East Link to 2013.