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View of the city of Gothenburg. Photo: Michael Erhardsson
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Satellite keeps track on movements in the ground

Construction work can cause movements in the ground surface, which in turn can have an impact on buildings in the surroundings. With the help of satellites, we will monitor and keep track on movements that could occur when we construct the West Link.

Movements in the ground surface can occur for various reasons and they often happen very slowly. In the long term, however, they may have consequences that influence the surrounding buildings and structures. In order to keep track on movements in the ground surface during the West Link construction, we will conduct extensive measurements. We start the measurements in good time before the start of construction, in order to determine how the ground is moving today. Later we will be able to distinguish the movements that can occur as a consequence of the West Link.

Measuring with settlement studs and satellites

The area that in some way has to be covered by measurements prior to construction of the West Link is significant. Mainly, we conduct measurements of the ground surface by positioning settlement studs on buildings that we control at regular intervals. We also intend to use satellite measurements as a supplementary method to monitoring movements in the ground. The method involves a satellite which regularly reads and create detailed images of the ground surface.

By comparing images that have been taken at different times we can register millimetre-large vertical movements in the ground. This means that we in good time can take prevent damage if we believe that the movements in the long term could have an impact on buildings. In spring 2015, we completed the procurement of a consulting firm for the performance of satellite measurements, which now have started.