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Trees along Haga Allé. Photo: The Transport Administration
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Test relocation of trees provides further knowledge

Prior to construction of the West Link, a number of trees will have to be relocated, either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, we intend to test move a number of trees in cooperation with the City of Gothenburg and experts within the area.

Construction of the West Link will have an impact on a large number of trees. We will be able to save many of them either by protecting them in place or by moving them. There are two options for relocation. The first is to move the trees temporarily and then move them back again once the construction work is done. The second option is to relocate the trees permanently, at first hand to a new location nearby, and at second to another location in the city.

Relocating trees is by no means a common exercise in Sweden. We have therefore visited both Germany and the Netherlands, and have been in contact with a number of experts within the area in order to learn more about the process. To acquire even more experience and knowledge, we will begin to test relocate a few trees.

– We originally planned to do this work during spring, but we have decided to wait until autumn 2015 in order to be able to obtain more input, says Bo Larsson, Project Manager for the West Link Project.

Together with the City of Gothenburg and experts within the area

The purpose of the test relocation is to gain further knowledge of the conditions at different places within the city concerning the tree roots, soil quality and which trees that are suitable for relocation. This information is important for the continuing and planning work together with the experts. Those trees that are to be test moved are trees that will be affected at a later stage when the West Link is to be constructed. These trees will probably be replanted in their original habitat after the test relocation.

– The work with the trees and the test relocation is being done in close cooperation with the City of Gothenburg. We will have experts from the City who will assist us in making sure which trees have to be preserved. We will also consult with external experts within the subject, says Bo Larsson.