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Map of rail traffic routes in the region of Västra Götaland. Illustration: The Swedish Transport Administration
This news is older than 6 months

High capacity with the West Link

At the end of May, the Swedish Transport Administration presented the report “The West Link - traffic, depos and scheduling”. The report confirms that the capacity of the railway system in western Sweden will be dramatically improved by the West Link.

  • Today, the Central Station in Gothenburg handles 675 arrivals and departures on a weekday. In peak traffic, more trains cannot be received.
  • The West Link and the dead-end station combined will be able to handle 1125 arrivals and departures per day.

The latter number applies in the opening stages. There is space for even more trains, and after the first year of opening, the expansion of the railway in western Sweden can continue. The next step is an expansion of the high-speed railway line to Stockholm, via Borås and Landvetter. The West Link, as it looks today, together with the dead-end station, will be able to receive the trains headed in that direction.

Region Västra Götaland's goals for rail traffic 2035 include an expansion of the railway lines in western Sweden, in addition to what has already been decided. Also these traffic solutions will be able to be handled in Gothenburg because of the West Link.

24 trains per hour and direction will be possible

The new report analyses the capacity in more detail than before, and is based on a number of assumptions on future traffic and the status of the surrounding railway system. Although theoretically more trains can pass through the West Link, the report reveals that 16 trains per hour and direction is a realistic figure. The figure is in line with the plan to build the West Link with four tracks at Station Centralen and two tracks at the Haga and Korsvägen stations. This is the alternative which has been decided on.

One possibility is to build four tracks also on the stations in Haga and Korsvägen. The corresponding number will then be 24 trains per hour and direction.

Once the West Link has become reality, it is the tracks to and from Gothenburg that set the limits for what number of traffic that is possible. At the time of the West Link's opening, 12 trains per hour and direction will be able to pass through the tunnel. This is due to bottlenecks south of Gothenburg. When the new double-track, high-speed railway between Gothenburg and Borås is in place, this obstacle will be removed.