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The Göta Tunnel. Photo: Ulf Hinds
This news is older than 6 months

Investigating the impact on the Göta Tunnel

The Swedish Transport Administration, the City of Gothenburg and Västtrafik investigate and plan for traffic solutions prior to the West Link construction. Among other things, we are investigating whether the Göta Tunnel will be affected and if so, how.

The West Link will pass over the Göta Tunnel in two places, which means that we will need to do reinforcement work on the tunnel. We are currently investigating how these works may affect traffic in the Göta Tunnel and whether we will need to temporarily close parts of it.

Several alternatives

We are reviewing and evaluating the alternative solutions if a limitation of the traffic through the Göta Tunnel should prove necessary. We are for example looking into the possibility of running two-way traffic in one tunnel pipe, whilst the other is closed off. We are also investigating the consequences of increased traffic on the ground surface and what kind of reconstructions that may be required for such an increase. The most important aspect, regardless solution, is to ensure that the traffic can pass in a good and safe manner.

Knowledge of the conditions

The investigation of the Göta Tunnel includes to plan for the tunnel work to be made at the right time, where the effects of other projects are accounted for in the planning. It is also important to ensure that the works are coordinated with planned closures in conjunction with normal maintenance of the Göta Tunnel.

At present, our assessment is that the reinforcement works on the Göta Tunnel will be proceeding for around a year. Depending on the contractor's chosen methods, however, the period of possible closures may change. The investigations will help us to attain greater knowledge of the conditions for various traffic solutions, so that we can handle traffic during the construction of the West Link in the best way possible.