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Illustrated example of Station Centralen. Illustration: Metro Arkitekter
This news is older than 6 months

The review report almost completed

Some of the comments received during the review of the West Link railway plan has led to minor adjustments of the plan. Those affected have been informed and given the opportunity to submit their comments before the railway plan is formally adopted.

During December 2014 and January 2015, when the West Link's railway plan was exhibited for review, the public, property owners, authorities and organisations had the opportunity to submit their comments on the project. Since the review, we have worked with compiling and responding over 300 comments in a review report. A number of comments have led to minor adjustments of the railway plan. We have also corrected certain details in the plan which deviated from the detailed development plan, made by the City of Gothenburg.

The changes in the railway plan have primarily concerned adjustments to the permanent and temporary surfaces which we need to claim in order to build the West Link. The majority of adjustments mean that we will claim less land than what is specified in the initial railway plan. Other changes concern for example relocating the smoke shaft in Station Haga and decking over the trough east of Skansen lejonet fortlet.

Information to affected parties

Over 90 property owners will in one way or another be affected by the adjustments we have made in the railway plan. Every one of them has received a personal letter from the Swedish Transport Administration providing information of the adjustments and how they will affect them. In conjunction with this, those affected are also able to submit comments on the adjustments. These will be compiled, responded to and placed in a special section of the review report alongside the other comments.

The work with the review report and the final adjustments to the railway plan is estimated to be completed in June 2015. The next step in the process is to send the railway plan to the County Administrative board with a request for approval. Once the County Administrative board has approved the plan, we will send it to the Swedish Transport Administration's plan assessment office in Borlänge to be formally adopted. We plan to send the plan after the summer, and in conjunction with this, all parties that submitted comments will receive feedback.

The railway plan was sent to the County Administrative board for approval in the beginning of June 2015.