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Rock drilling by the Gothenburg Opera. Photo: The Swedish Transport Administration
This news is older than 6 months

We investigate the quality of the ground

For over three years, the Swedish Transport Administration has conducted ground surveys within and adjacent to the West Link route. The purpose of this is to find the conditions and produce the best foundation prior to the construction of the West Link.

Recently we have carried out rock drilling in twelve places adjacent to the West Link route in order to find out more about the rock conditions prior to the construction of the tunnel. We are investigating the quality of the rock, such as how hard or brittle it is, and produce important information so that the West Link can be built in the best way possible. The sampling process involves a caterpillar-tracked drill, rig drilling into the ground and extracting rock core samples, which entails a certain amount of noise from the engines to supply power.

The sampling is part of a larger ground survey which the Swedish Transport Administration has conducted in recent years. The investigations have continued with varying intensity over time and at various sites along the route. In addition to investigating the rock, the work includes surveys of the soil and ground water. This involves to study the depth of the soil (i.e., before reaching the rock layer) and soil samples are extracted in order to determine its qualities in terms of e.g., composition and firmness. We are also installing ground water pipes to measure the water level and inspecting properties and constructions that we believe may be affected by the West Link. We are also measuring ongoing settlements of ground and buildings.