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Citybanan, Stockholm. Photo: Stefan Bratt
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Big focus on social aspects

In connection with the construction of the West Link, we ensure that social aspects are taken into account together with the City of Gothenburg. In our procurements, we set social requirements to increase employment and reduce the social exclusion.

The construction of the West Link will generate many new job opportunities. Together with the City of Gothenburg, we have started a work group for the mutual work relating to the social aspects of the West Link project.

– This is an important issue, and we will be taking our social responsibility by creating job opportunities for unemployed people in Gothenburg, says West Link Project Director Bo Larsson.

The work will involve measures for increased employment and reduced social exclusion of long-term unemployed people and people with functional impairments. We will also take on trainees for the project.

Social requirements set on the contractors

At the moment, the work of developing tender documents for the procurement of contractors for the construction of the West Link is in progress. In these tender documents, we describe the work to be done and state the requirements we have set for the contractors, including social requirements.

– The requirements we have set for the contractors include that they must participate in our collaboration with the City of Gothenburg and contribute to these job opportunities for unemployed people, says Bo.