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Trees in Kungsparken, Gothenburg. Photo: Christina Sundien
This news is older than 6 months

Investigating the trees in Haga

It will be possible to preserve several of the trees affected by the West Link by moving them. During the fall, we will investigate the trees' roots and conduct trial lifts in Haga to learn more about how to move the trees at a later stage.

Several trees will be affected by the construction of the West Link. In collaboration with the City of Gothenburg's Parks and Landscape Administration and others, we are working to preserve as many of the trees as possible. Some of them can be protected on site, while others will need to be temporarily or permanently moved. As a last alternative, the affected tree will be replaced with a new one after the West Link has been completed.

Mapping of the root system and trial lifts

During the fall, we conduct root mapping on a number of trees in Haga. This mean that we will dig around the trees to find out the extent of the root systems. We will also attempt to lift a few trees in the area. We will do this by using a machine to lift the tree of the ground, rotating it and then putting it back in the same place. The purpose of the root mapping and the trial lifts is to learn more about the root systems, soil quality and ground water conditions in that specific site. The work on the trees relies on us getting a decision and the necessary permits from the County Administrative Board.

– The trees that we are investigating are trees that will be affected in a later stage of the West Link construction. The work with the trees is conducted in close collaboration with the City of Gothenburg and with both internal and external experts in the field, says Karin Malmquist, Project Manager for the West Link's Station Haga.

Why do you need to do these investigations?

– When we build the West Link, Kungsparken, i.e. the park between Rosenlundsgatan and Haga church, will be affected. After the construction, we have a responsibility to restore the park, and our assessment is that the best solution would be to move a number of trees. The Swedish Transport Administration as well as other actors have done this before, but in order to learn enough about the conditions in this specific site, we need to conduct these investigations in good time prior to the start of construction, says Karin.