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Illustrated exampel of platform at Station Haga. Illustration: Abako Arkitektkontor
This news is older than 6 months

This fall we start to prepare Gothenburg for the construction of the West Link

Construction of the West Link is planned to start in 2018, but before then we need to make some preparations in Gothenburg. During the fall 2015, we will start moving cables and pipes and examine trees in Haga.

For the construction of the West Link to be carried out as well, effectively and smoothly as possible, we need to make certain preparations in Gothenburg up until the planned start of construction in 2018. During this fall, we will begin the first major physical preparations of the city. We will start moving cables and pipes in the ground and do a closer investigation of some of the trees in Haga.

– The work with the West Link is entering a new phase this fall, and we will be more visible around the city. The major works will not take place for a few more years, but we want the residents of Gothenburg to be aware that we will already begin preparations, which will be noticeable, says Bo Larsson, Project Director at the Swedish Transport Administration.

How come you are able to begin this work already? Neither the work on the railway plan, nor the application to the Land and Environment Court is complete?

– The preparations we currently are making are completely based on agreements between the City of Gothenburg and the property and line owners concerned. In order to plan and carry out the works as well as possible, we need to know more about, or in some cases handle, certain issues prior to the start of construction. That's the type of work we are beginning with now, says Bo Larsson.

Does this mean that Gothenburg will already be turned into a construction site?

– Not at all; the works we carry out prior to the start of construction will take place in different locations around the city and are not as extensive as the larger projects initiated in 2018. We will primarily be working in various locations along the future stretch of the West Link. However, when we are moving cables and pipes, which in some cases will be very long, we will sometimes also be present in and around central Gothenburg. We will post signs in the places where we are working, so that it is clear which work relate to the West Link, finishes Bo Larsson.