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View over Kruthusgatan and Bergslagsgatan, Gothenburg. Photo: Christina Sundien
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We are moving cables and pipes in preparation of the West Link construction

Prior the construction start of the West Link, we need to make certain preparations around the city. These preparations include moving cables and pipes in the ground, which we will start doing later this fall.

In order for the construction of the West Link to go as smoothly as possible, we need to conduct certain preparatory works prior to the start of construction in 2018. For example, we will need to move electricity and water pipes to make room for the facility. This will be done in various locations along the stretch of the West Link. During this fall, we will initiate the work on cables and pipes on the stretch between Olskroken and Residenset. This is the first of two stages. The work is conducted in consultation with the line and property owners.

Per-Inge Söderström is the Subproject Manager for preparatory works in the West Link project.

How will these works be carried out?

– We will be using two different methods. One is trenchless pipe laying, which means that we drill a hole underground and push the lines through. However, smaller trench works will still be carried out, as the technology requires entry and pulling pits. The second method is more conventional and includes the use of trenches to put the lines in place.

Where along the stretch will these works be conducted?

– On this stretch between Olskroken and Residenset, we will be moving main lines within the Partihallarna area, as well as on Kruthusgatan, Bergslagsgatan, Norra Sjöfarten and around the Packhus area.

How could the citizens be affected by the works?

– The work will entail certain limitations to vehicle traffic along Kruthusgatan, and traffic will be regulated with lights. One lane of Norra Sjöfarten will be closed off for a brief period of time, while we conduct trenchless pipe laying. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic should be able to continue as normal. We will be seen and heard but of course we will do our very best to cause as little disruption as possible, finishes Per-Inge Söderström.

The second and last stage of the pipe laying will be on the stretch from Residenset to Almedal. The works on this stretch have been planned for the spring of 2016.

Map showing the two stages for moving cables and pipes along the West Link route.
Map showing the two stages for moving cables and pipes along the West Link route.