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Illustrations example, entrance the Central Station. Illustration: Metro Architects
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The Central Station contract has been put out to tender

The procurement of contractors to build the West Link is well underway. In September, a request for tenders for the Central Station contract was sent out to prequalified contractors. We are expected to sign a contract in April 2016.

In mid-September, the first of the major contracts in the West Link project, i.e. the Central Station contract, was put out to tender. This means that contractors who have previously passed the prequalification process can submit a tender for the contract. We are expected to sign a contract in April 2016.

“The construction of the West Link is not expected to start until 2018, but we are using a contract model that introduces the contractors early on, while still in the planning stage. This gives the contractors the chance to influence the design by using their knowledge to make suggestions, for example, through offering technical solutions or proposing implementation methods. The objective is for us to come up with the most efficient way of constructing the West Link together, and to allow for more opportunities for innovation,” says Lillian Brunbäck, the West Link project's Procurement Officer.

May attract international companies

The Central Station contract will be procured as a design and build contract and involves the construction of the West Link's Central Station with two platforms and four tracks, and a tunnel. Both the station and the tunnel will be made out of concrete which will be built in an open shaft within temporary supporting structures. The contract is so big that even international contractors may be interested in the procurement.

“Our ambition has been, and still is, to attract foreign businesses as well. However, the names of the prequalified contractors who have received the tender request have not yet been made public,” explains Lillian Brunbäck.

“As the formal process is still ongoing, our work with the contract will be conditioned on us obtaining all of the necessary permits and approvals.”